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the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Listen to this podcast. After listening, try the true/false exercise below.

1. Traders in their 40’s in one bank are known as “dinosaurs”
2. Everyone is happy with the new laws.
3. Employment Equality Age regulations became law on September 1
4. The Times newspaper said, “Ageism is still seen as not that bad…”
5. Sam Mercer is the chief executive of the Employers’ Forum
6. “Pale, stale males” are white middle-aged men
7. New employment laws in the EU will make it harder for older people to get a job
8. Many middle-aged bankers when fired often suffer financial ruin.

d. Let's talk:

  1. What do you think of ageism?
  2. Do you know anyone who has bee affected by ageism? If so, describe it.
  3. Do you think the European Union is right to have introduced these new employment laws?
  4. Do you think the new laws will act as a lever to help more, older workers to stay in employment, thus reducing the burden of paying pensions on both the state and private pension schemes?


Anonymous said...

Ignacio said: That:
1- True.
2- False.
3- False.
4- False.
5- True.
6- True.
7- True.
8- True.
It's seem that ageism it's also in Argentina, I think that after you have 40 is difficult to get a new job, and even more if you try to get a job in wich you do not have experience.
I think the solution is to work less hours, maybe 6, and not extras hours. The problems is that this must be an international law, because the country which implemented alone will get problems of productivity.

Alicia Kossoy said...

I agree with Ignacio about the solution, working less hours but with the same wages. Young people are also discriminated all over the world, and they are less payed because lack of experiencia.