"The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates,
the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Conference Call

Listen to the following podcast and do the exercises below:

1) The main purpose of this conference call is:
a) To discuss trends in the market
b) To inform market analysts about a company
c) To market a company’s products

2) How would you describe the representatives of Softcell as they respond to questions during the conference call?
a) Confident
b) Nervous
c) Embarrassed

3) You hear five questions during the call. Which are the topic areas covered in the questions? Choose from the list below.
  • economic recession 
  • losses 
  • seasonal changes 
  • outlets in Asia 
  • comparison of sales in Europe and the US
  • competitors 
  • product sales
  • margins


    Alicia Kossoy said...

    I couldn't find the place to listen! Alicia

    Anonymous said...

    Hi! I can´t listen the audio too!

    Marina Alfonso said...

    I've uploaded it again. I think you'll be able to listen to it, now.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh! It wasn´t easy!
    But I think tthat in the first case, b) is the best answer. But I have a little doubt with the answer c).

    At the question 2), I think that the representatives are confident. This is the reasson of my answer in the point 1) too!

    Finally, in question 3), I think that the topics are: margins, outlets in Asia (China), comparison of sales in Europe and the US, seasonal changes and economic recession.

    See you,