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the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Office gossip

  •  Why does Nick want to talk with his boss? What did he say about Kirsten? What is she always doing? What does Nick think about the relation? What did Nick about the rest of the people? How do they react? How did Nick say he felt?
    What did his boss answer?

  • Does this also happen in your workplace?
  • How common is it?


Laura said...

Good evening!
well, Nick wants to talk to his boss to tell him about a relationship between two coleagues: Kirsten and Bill.

He said Kirsten was GIGGLING all the time and that everybody was talking about it .

Nick thinks that the reationship is unprofessional .

He saw he felt concerned and his boss answered that he would take care of the situation.

This happened a lot of times, but in my case nobody has never done it to ""pull the rug out from under"" that couple.

Anonymous said...

During the conversation with his boss Nick says that to colleagues are dating and kissing each other all the time. He furthermore he adds that he personnally felt a little concerned. He sayd also that he hoped that the boss didn't think that he was gossiping. The Boss answered that he was going to schedule with the colleagues and was going to take care of it.

In one of my previous work it happened twice the same situation. Fortunately they werent disturbing too much!

Marina Alfonso said...

Wow! Two of your previous jobs, not just one.
The fact is that it's much more common than we can imagine.