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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How to Pronounce MOUNTAIN and SENTENCE - American English



Pablo Rugiero said...

It´s very interesting and so difficult for me!
I understand the idea but it´s terrible to do it in the practise. When I´m speeking with somebody!. But I promise to practise it!!

"Maun´n"= MounTain!!!

Alicia Kossoy said...

It's very didactic , I would like to know the diferencies between americain and british prononciation in these words! Alicia

Marina Alfonso said...

Why don't you try the pronunciatrion dictionary on the sidebar?

Anyway, here's the word mountain in phonetics, the 1st one's British.

/ˈmaʊn.tɪn/ US /-tən/

Fabiana Fernández said...

What a difference between this pronounciation and what I do, I´ll try to remember this.

Emilce said...

Very very dificult.
Party is easier than mountain.
Then I prefer a good Party to a big mountain!

Marina Alfonso said...

Party, of course!!!