"The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates,
the great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward

Friday, 4 April 2014

Men's and women's brains

Watch this video and shareyour opinions with the rest of the group:

  • Do you agree with Dr Mark Gungor?
  • How often do you experience what he says?
  • Would you say men have a "nothing box"?


Alicia Kossoy said...

He´s very funny! He made me laugh about stereotypes we all think about.
We usually says with my friends that men cannot eat a candy while they´re riding on bike, they can´t do two things at the same time. Are they more concentrated? Are we more dispersed?
Eventhough, I think that we're not only biologic product but we´re a culture product too!

I didn't understand some words

Pablo Rugiero said...

I agree with him so much! I´m convinced that I have mi big nothing bag. And I use it a lot on Sundays!!!. I think that when I use it, I became a Buda! jajaja

Emilce said...

I love him, but all the time he say: "go away"...What's happen Dr Mark???
I'm agree with him, of course.
He is "the voice of experience".
It is true: Women usually ask men " what are you thinking about?...and Men usually say us " I fix it" when we only need they hear us!
"Nothing box" exist, I knew it!!!!
Dr Mark is right... when men are there they look like zombies!!!!!

Emilce said...

Pablo hahahahah...you were funny...like a Buda!!!

Eduardo Abascal said...

Hahaha I laughed a lot!... but in other way, it's a little sexiest. I must to tell that i know several women that have a "nothing box" and men who are driven by emotions... worst situation ever.

Pablo Rugiero said...

I´m a Buda Emilce, of course, I usually go to my nothing back! It´s a very nice place! And I become in a Buda! I´m a bit overweight like him too!!! jajaja

Eduardo, You´re a bootlicker of the women´s!!! jajaja. But it´s true, between us, I agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Ey, what are happened with you boys!!???
I'm watching you...

Dany said...

I fully agree with Mark, I laughed a lot!!,
Now I understand why my wife remember everything and she can connect one situation with other, all the time.
I guess that I have some empty boxes, and volatile memory, however I can do more that on thing at a time, for example cooking while I'm painting.


Fabiana Fernández said...

I agree with Dr. Mark, I´m a stressed woman whith no nothing box, I wish to have one to rest sometimes because woman never stop thinking and that´s not good for us
But I wonder what this world should be without woman, who is going to tell man what to do? My husband would be resting on de sofa till the end of times.